• Educating Every K-8 Student

    For Success in High School, College, and Life
  • Growing

    A Love of Literacy.
  • Building a Generation

    Of Innovators Starting in Kindergarten.
  • Creating

    A Values-Based School Community.

We Believe

Resurgence Hall K-8 Charter School believes that every student is entitled to a rigorous, college preparatory education regardless of their economic circumstances, zip code, race, or home language. We educate our students to meet the following measures of success:

100% of students will enroll in college preparatory courses in high school and be on track for success in college.

100% of students will demonstrate the core values of reflection, integrity, service, and endurance within the school community and within the larger community.

100% of students will master the foundational skills and knowledge of computer science.

Our Innovations

Preparing all students for success in high school, college, and life.


Design Thinking

Resurgence Hall is deeply committed to answering one central question: “How can we create a high quality 21st century learning experience for all students?”


Computer Science

No other subject will open as many doors in the 21st century as computer science, regardless of a student’s ultimate field of study or occupation.


Blended Learning

Blended learning allows us to personalize education in a way that a more traditional classroom setup simply cannot.


2 Teacher Literacy Model

Two high capacity literacy teachers in each classroom during our comprehensive literacy instruction means our youngest readers learn in small groups, resulting in more individualized attention for each student.


Extended School Day

More time matters to ensure that every student is being academically challenged and growing into their best and brightest self.


RISE Values

At Resurgence Hall, our students learn and come to embody and demonstrate our RISE values of Reflection, Integrity, Service and Endurance.

  • 200

Minutes of Daily Literacy Instruction

  • 85

Minutes of Daily Blended Learning

  • 4

4 Core Values

  • 1