Take Action

The work of Resurgence Hall, particularly in our start-up and founding years, depends heavily on the support and commitment of individuals like you. Individuals who believe that every child can learn at a high level when given a rigorous curriculum, innovative programming, and the supports to excel.

Our funding from the state and federal level falls below that of surrounding public schools, meaning we are left to cover the cost of enrichment opportunities, robust technology needs, and facility improvements just to name a few.

Whether you donate 1 book or 100, sponsor a fieldtrip, or name a classroom after your alma mater – your support will help our students rise to excellence every day.

Note: Resurgence Hall Inc. is an exempt organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.


$25 for a uniform

Like a sports team, we all wear the same uniform to demonstrate our unity and commitment to striving daily to fulfill our mission of high school, college, and life success for us all.



$50 for a set of books

Developing a love of reading begins with access to great books. Our commitment to daily independent reading and guided reading means we need a TON of books for our students.


Supply Box

$100 for a Student

All children should have the tools they need for school, even when their family may not be able to afford it. We anticipate many families will need our support in supplying their child with crayons, pencils, a book bag, scissors, and more for the school year.



$200 for One Laptop

With the use of a blended learning model, our students receive individualized support in reading and math through online personalized learning. Given our Computer Science focus, students will use their Chromebooks to learn coding and create their own apps.


Field Trip

$300 for a Trip

We believe that learning should extend outside the classroom - that is why field trips are so essential. Our field trips give students real world learning and experiences that include trips to museums and a yearly visit to a local college.


Innovation Lab

$500 for Materials

Our Innovation in Action program provides students with multiple opportunities to work through the design thinking process, creating real world solutions for everyday challenges both in the school and greater Atlanta community.